Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Divas Costumes

 The word “costume” originated in France and refers to apparel that is significant to a period of time, a certain country, social class or character. People enjoy wearing costumes for many reasons and they enhance the experience of the wearer in any situation, especially when attending parties where other people are also wearing costumes!

Costumes are also extremely important in the theater and film industry, where they can make or break the character being portrayed. Halloween is an obvious occasion to don a costume, but they are also popular for masquerade or costume parties where people gather together to celebrate a variety of occasions by donning clothes that depict a certain time period, geographical location, ethnicity, social class or popular “superheroes.” Kids especially enjoy wearing costumes that make them look like their favorite cartoon or movie character or for role-playing, where they can dress like a police officer, pirate, cowboy or girl, princess, nurse or animal, etc.! Another popular use of costumes is for mascots that represent teams from various sporting events for high school, college and even professional organizations that very often consist of some kind of animal. These are often called “fur suits” and are seen everywhere these days. Whatever your reason for wearing a costume may be, the possibilities are endless and any choice you make will make for a fun experience for all! Read More